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Diamond Boy Luis has worked in the nation's top markets like New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Boston to name just a few. Born in Brooklyn, this native New Yorker represented his city internationally when he became the first Latino DJ/VJ for RTL 102.5 of Italy, broadcasting live from New York to more than 20 countries.

In 2004 he was awarded the "Best Hispanic On-Air talent" award given by the New York A.I.R. AWARDS and again in 2005. Diamond Boy was nominated for Best On-Air Talent by The Marconi Awards in 2008 which is one of the most prestigious awards an Air Talent can aspire to receive. Recently, this young talent has just been awarded the Medal of Cortez for "Best On-Air Personality in markets 1 to 25" by industry magazine "Radio Ink".

He s back on the radio in New York and Las Vegas on the World Famous PULSE 87 NY and 96.7 Vegas rockin the mic every weekend!

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Weekly Rundown
Hey Hey People,
The weekend is finally here and I don't know about you but me I'm super duper geeked about it . I'm heading to DC this weekend to participate in a walk for Epilepsy and to party (of course ). If you want to keep up with me throughout the day follow me on twitter @eutopiainnyc. Hope you have an amazing weekend, I know I will . Whatever you do be safe, have fun and stay fly. Peace & Love 
Weekly Rundown 
Monday- Friday 7p-12m pulse87ny.com
Music, great energy, celeb news, info on the hottest parties/events in NYC and lil o' me . Tune in!!!!
Late Friday Night/Early Saturday Morning DaBunk House 
Fridays are hot once again. DaBunk Fridays at DaBunk House with DJs Manny Ojeda and Bryan Thomas. Eutopia rocks the mic. Get there before 11p and drink for free . Plus we'll be giving away Jennifer Lopez's new album all night long. Amazing music, free drinks (before 11p) and free cds. We're winning (unlike Charlie Sheen )!!!!

Weekly Rundown
Hey People,
Just realized I haven't posted anything in about a month, yeah I know lame. Hope you are having a great week so far. My week has been interesting. My computer crashed and I found out that I'm super allergic to gain detergent and cashew nuts , don't ask lol. As usually we got something new popping off at Pulse 87, we got a phone. What a way to get with the times, lol. 917-477-8787 call us up. The weather is amazing today and I'm off to show of my tan I got out in Miami last week . Enjoy the rest of your week. Peace and Love !!!! 
Weekly Rundown-
Pulse87ny.com Monday-Friday 7p-12m
Rock with me all week long. Amazing music and most importantly me .
DaBunk House for DaBunk Friday's 
New York's hottest night out. DJ's Manny Ojeda and Bryan Thomas provide the music. I'll be rocking the mic. Get there before 11p and you drink for free . 192 Main Street Sayille, Long Island.  Leggggoooo!!!!!!

Weekly Rundown

Hey Hey People

I' m totally gearing up for the weekend. I can smell it!!! Pure random thought I�m thinking of getting a mac . I�ve been a pc since I first learned how to type but macs are beginning to turn me on.  (Ok I know there was a better way for me to say that but I can�t think of it right now. ). Hope you�re having an amazing, productive, fantastical and productive week. If not, no time like the present to make it on. Stay warm, be fly and give love . Happy Early Valentine�s Day!!!           Peace.

Weekly Rundown-

Pulse87ny.com Monday-Friday 7p-12m

Music, music and mo� music. Tune in.

DaBunk House for DaBunk Friday�s Late Friday night/Early Saturday morning.

DJs Manny Ojeda and Bryan Thomas will provide the tuneage. Eutopia (that�s me ya�ll) will be rocking the mic. Stevie Sin will be taking those pics. Our very special guest this week will be the one and only Cupid. OMG- Cupid will be in the building, lol.

Capri Saturday night/Sunday morning
We�re taking the party to Brooklyn this Saturday night. Our very own Mike Hush will be spinning at Capri. For more info hit Mike up on twitter @ Mike Hush. 

Weekly Rundown
Hey Hey,
Woke up this morning with the sun shinning on my face and it made me feel sooooo good . I know this weather is kicking a lot people's ass (including mine) but Spring is a few weeks away , yay . We have a lot of great stuff about to pop off at Pulse 87. We have a new mix show courtesy of Nervous Records which is going to air Saturday night/Sunday mornings at 2am be sure to listen out for that . Plus we constantly bless you with new music each and every week. Keep rocking with us and we will never disappoint you. Hang with me throughout the week on twitter @ eutopiainnyc. Keep warm, be fly and enjoy the rest of your week. Peace!! 
Weekly  Rundown
Pulse87ny.com Monday-Friday 7p-12m 
Great music, celebrity  news, info about the hottest parties in NYC and of course lil ol' me .
DaBunk House for DaBunk Fridays Late Friday Night 
192 N Main Street Sayville, NY (that's on Long Island in case you don't know). DJs Manny Ojeda and Bryan Thomas rocking the turntables. Pulse 87's Eutopia (that's me y'all) on the mic. Get there before 11p and you drink for free.  Beautiful people, dope music and cheap drinks, it's a win all the way around ladies and gentlemen. See ya there!!! 



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